Voyage en République Tchèque

On Monday, March 03rd, 2014, we left Perpignan at 3 AM to Barcelona Airport. We arrived at 5 o’clock and had breakfast before getting on the plane.. We were very excited ! .  After flying above the Alps ,we landed in Prague and we went to the central station to meet our guide. From there, we went to a museum where we saw an exhibition of propaganda posters and satirical cartoons which go back over one century of History .. It was very interesting, as the posters were showing History from a different point of view, unlike conventional history books. Then, we had a meal in a vegetarian restaurant, which served us tomato soup and curry. During the afternoon, we strolled in the streets of Prague and went to the Cathedral and the Castle. After visiting both monuments, we wandered in some very special streets where we could find Czech traditional crafts (puppets being one of the best known sp from this country). After some shopping and souvenir shops, we went past  several typical restaurants and went back to the station to take the train to Most, city where our correspondants were waiting for us. I must say the trip had been very tiring and the day very long. When we finally arrived at the station, we met our friends and the host families (very kind to me!) End of the First Day!

On Tuesday, we met the Spanish , Dutch , Italian , Polish and German team and visited the School. What stroke me is that pupils have lockers to put their shoes in! Incredible! They walk around the school wearing “crocs”! We then walked up a hill

Towards the castle, which had been rebuilt for the tourists to honor the old Castle. After that, we had the rest of the afternoon free, so I decided to go to the mall.

On Wednesday, we visited Chomutov, where we saw a special zoo as it was on a farm, we learnt how to make typical Easter items from the Czech Republic and finally we visited a museum dedicated to Czech toys.

On Thursday, we discovered the amazing story of the  Church : during the communist system of government , the old village was destroyed to exploit the coal mines . In 1975 , the people of the village decided to save the church . Thanks to their determination , the church was removed 800 metres further ..It took many years to achieve this incredible challenge ! It was very cold inside…Then, we went to take a picture all together and we had some free time until 5 PM, before the Great Party, where we ate, we danced and we played a Czech game, similar to cricket. The day after, we left the country, very sad and nostalgic. We were driven by the Swedish team and flew back to Barcelona with the Spanish team.. This is where the trip comes to an end….We enjoyed a warm welcome in Most and we are looking forward to hosting our Czech friends in Perpignan in May 2015  .
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La pensée du mois
Document sans nom

«Aujourd’hui la famille est méprisée, maltraitée. Il est beau,
vrai et bon de former une famille ;
c’est indispensable pour l’avenir de l’humanité.»
Pape François